iKON is Inkigayo’s No. 1 artist of the week



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Source: OSEN

Group iKON has taken first place on music broadcast.

SBS was broadcasted live on the afternoon of the 18th and iKON was chosen as the No.1 artist of the week.  “We will work hard to be singers you can be proud of.” iKON members said on winning first place.

The other nominated candidates for the week were girl groups Red Velvet’s ‘Bad Boy,’ and Momoland’s ‘Bboom Bboom.’ All three songs including iKON’s ‘love scenario’ are gaining popularity among the public generating a lot of interest on who will win the honor of No. 1 of the week.


The score chart is based on 55% of online music ranking, 5% album sales, 35% of SNS points, 5% of the audience pre-vote, and 10% of on-air total.  Red Velvet scored 8332 points, Momoland scored 5668 points, and iKON took home the grand prize with the highest score of 8543 points.

On this day, other idols to appear alongside iKON include Seventeen, Hong Jin Young, Jung Sewoon, N.Flying, VAV, fromis_9, the East Light, Rainz, Golden Child and Target.

Trot singer Hong Jin-Young impressed with her fun and addictive comeback stage ‘Bye.’



  1. [+2782, -143] I’m so happy for iKON. They deserve it.
  2. [+2432, -129] Congratulations on your No. 1 iKON!! You’ve been working a lot and I hope we’ll be able to meet each other often.  Let’s go slowly for a long time.
  3. [+2253, -111] iKON congratulations! Eat something delicious! We’re so proud of you.
  4. [+2127, -105] Congratulations on your 1st place iKON.  Let’s go forever.
  5. [+1849, -121] iKON is No. 1 congratulations! Well done Red Velvet for No. 2.
  6. [+597, -35] I’m so happy that your hard work is being compensated well.  Hanbinah, You must’ve had a hard time preparing the album.  I really liked your acceptance speech too.  iKON congratulations.
  7. [+574, -31] Congratulations to all iKON members for #1 for Love Scenario.  You worked hard.
  8. [+555, -33] Thank you so much iKON.  We waited so long and you gifted us with this amazing album.  Don’t worry. we’ll always cheer for you.
  9. [+527, -32] iKON is the best. Congratulations!
  10. [+505, -29] iKON congratulations.  We’ll always cheer for you.
  11. [+384, -29] Sajangnim, please have a great party prepared for the kids.  Dong Dong even cried because they won No. 1.  Don’t worry babies stay young, wild, and free.
  12. [+367, -28] Hanbin was so nervous that they won’t even make first place but they’re breaking records with the longest #1 on charts.


2018. 02. 19